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Falkor's Fortunes

Falkor came into my life at the exact right time. Though I have never had a dog (or cat) before, I have always wanted a little wolf to call my own. We simply did not have the means or stability in my upbringing to keep a pet larger than a hamster.

I cannot believe the joy she brings to me every day. She was a stray and, though I tried to find her previous owners, she had been abandoned. I fell in love immediately and she has not left my side since.

I had to choose a birthday for her given an idea of a time frame by the vet. She was still just a pup! I settled on February 21st, 2021, because she is my WORLD.

Long ago when I was hanging out in Santa Monica with some friends, a person came up to us with a cat on his shoulder. His cat would choose among some pre-written fortunes by pawing at it. I had always remembered this and even have the fortune in my storage (somewhere). This inspired me to include Falkor as my psychic pet. Then, I noticed she was seeing the same ghosts as I was, barking in the same areas I had felt or seen a presence. She knows people when she meets them, too, a truly psychic pup!

I have many ideas in the works for an Oracle series with Falkor. This is a landing page for whatever comes to be. Check back for PUPdates!

And, yes, she is named after THAT Falkor. We watch Neverending Story every year on her birthday! (I still cry each time.)

I also offer free readings on missing pets. This is a new area for me and, by extension, I am also attempting to improve upon my missing persons abilities. If I can help in any way, I will. Write me if you would like me to draw a card on the likelihood of your pet being found, a person of interest, or any other inquiry in relation. You can also request a normally priced psychic pet reading in place of/or combined with a normal reading at any time.

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