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Divination Music


Spotify recently created a "Song Psychic" which is and isn't exactly like my idea that I've been working on for years.

Spotify tells you their service is not real and that they cannot actually predict the future, so it's for entertainment purposes. I actually can predict the future (so can you) and the way I utilize this concept is to help assist with psychical development.

Should I create a video to describe the differences? Would a blog post be better?

Their "Song Psychic" is an enjoyable app but it's nowhere near the intellectual level of what I created. This is all still a work in progress though I have been trying to figure out a way to make this presentable and functional so others can easily understand and utilize my concept. I don't have waves of $$$ to throw at an app developer, but I do have amazing ideas that apparently are worth investment.

Ongoing curation of music to use for Divination:

* During Moon Phases

* Astrological Specifications

* Randomly

Use these playlists like Tarot cards or any other form of Divination.

1. Ask a question

2. Hit "shuffle" on a playlist

3. Gain insight from the track title, artists, or even background details about the song.

Currently on Spotify with other services to come.

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